The New K9 is a model with the best-in-class driving

Russia’s Car of the Year, which began in 2000, is the most prestigious vehicle evaluation in the Russian market, with more than 1.5 million car experts and ordinary customers participating in the online evaluation over the past four months to select the best vehicle in a total of 23 vehicle categories.
Kia’s Morning (export name Picanto) was selected as the best vehicle in the urban compact car category for the sixth consecutive year, and Celtos, which debuted in the Russian market last year, was evaluated as the best small sports utility vehicle (SUV) for the second consecutive year.
According to Kia, The New K9 is a model with the best-in-class driving, safety, and convenience specifications and elegant and modern design that is suitable for large sedans.
It has implemented a more stable driving environment by applying the world’s first forward prediction shift system (PGS) and Kia’s first preview electronic control suspension, and all trims are equipped with highway driving assistance 2 (HDA2) and multiple collision prevention automatic braking systems (MCB).
Kia will unify the name of the sales exhibition space, which used to be called showrooms and exhibition halls, as “Kia Store” and apply design standards. Since February this year, the Kia Dongtan Station branch has been piloted as a Kia store, and about 7,000 stores will be converted into Kia stores sequentially.
Kia explained that it has made the Kia Store a space where customers can have practical experiences that they cannot feel online. Customers can look at exhibition vehicles in the premium lounge and freely search for vehicle information in the multipurpose bar table.
Kia Store will be applied with Kia’s new design philosophy, “Opposites United (creative fusion of conflicting concepts. Opportunity United means creating a future-oriented design by combining contrasting shapes, compositions, and colors.
The Kia Store consists of an exhibition zone and a customer zone, and each zone creates an opposite atmosphere.
The exhibition zone highlighted the vehicle and maximized the sense of space opening through interiors using achromatic colors and light reflection using steel-like materials. The customer zone is created as a space where you can feel natural sensibility using wood tones.
Kia plans to introduce Kia brand experience space “Kia 360,” which is applied with design standards in the third quarter of this year (July-September), as well as sales bases, and apply design standards to future maintenance bases.
“We tried to improve the inconvenience customers felt when visiting existing auto stores,” said Artur Martins, head of Kia’s customer experience division. “The Kia store will allow customers to have a meaningful experience.”
The forward prediction shift system is a function of controlling the transmission by recognizing the forward driving environment, and the preview electronic control suspension is a system that adjusts the suspension of the vehicle according to the road condition in front.
In addition, it is newly equipped with a fingerprint authentication system, an integrated handwriting recognition controller, and a rear seat dual monitor with touch screen function, which is an infotainment system that interacts with drivers by touch.
In addition, it has newly applied 14.5-inch ultra-large wide display, augmented reality navigation, and wireless update of cluster and head-up display software.
The design added luxury through changes in the level of new cars. The exterior has a V-shaped sophisticated chromium pattern applied to the large radiator grill, and the rear lamp connected in left and right shapes creates a sophisticated atmosphere.
In addition, the K5 (business sedan), which was released in the Russian market late last year, as well as the 4th generation Sorento (medium-sized SUV) and Carnival (minivan) were selected as the best vehicles in each category.
Kia was also selected as the 2021 Russia’s Most Preferred Popular Brand, winning a total of six categories. Last year, the Russian Car of the Year won a total of four categories.
Kia said it has sold more than 200,000 units a year in the Russian market for the third consecutive year and has maintained its No. 1 position among imported brands in the Russian market since 2014.
Kia sold a total of 89,543 cars in the Russian passenger car market from January to May this year, ranking second among all brands and first among imported brands after local Russian company Lada.
“Gia’s ‘most favored public brand’ award at Russia’s most prestigious tea event of the year symbolizes Russian consumers’ trust in the Kia brand,” said Alexander Migal, head of operations at Kia’s regional headquarters.

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